Honestly, there are many ways to help.  We find that many people want to help but they are just not sure how to get involved. But it is really easy...


  • Get involved by telling others about our work.  Your personal relationships are a good way to spread the word about RU4Children to your company, friends and social media contacts.  Inform your friends, coworkers, and company on how they too can connect with our work.


  • Get involved with projects that you feel passionate about.  Whether it’s

            1. providing nourishment to children,  

2. inspiring a generation to focus efforts on health and education in their community, or personally

            3. connecting with a project where you can get involved.  

For example, we have friends that can’t believe how many women are cooking over open fires right in the middle of their homes, and feel very strongly to financially provide safe cooking stoves in Guatemala for a year through our recurring donor page.  


  • Get involved financially.  We have (2) options for anyone wanting to give financially, and every single gift helps in a positive way. We provide the ability to give either one-time donations or commit to recurring donations.  One-time gifts give us the ability to help where the need is greatest. Recurring donations allow us to budget more effectively and ultimately help more children.