At first you probably thought that a Mochila was some kind of migratory animal or bug making its mark on Fort Worth and that I was doing my good deed to report to everyone about the issue. NOPE and sorry if at first you were confused... "Mochila" is the Spanish word for backpack. And ours have arrived...

4 leather colors to choose from. (Purple, Black, Blue, and Brown)

4 leather colors to choose from. (Purple, Black, Blue, and Brown)

A couple weeks ago I posted a pic on the @ru4children Instagram and people went nuts about this new item to the store front. Yes, it has taken some time to organize everything but here we are and these things are bad to the bone. Each one of these hand-made mochilas reminds me of a curated piece of Mayan art. Around July 4th, I carried my own mochila to Sydney, Australia and both friends and strangers could not help but to ask what the story was behind this vibrantly colorful backpack. 

Our mission in Guatemala is to Inspire the indigenous communities in need. The effects of poverty and the lack of job oppurtunities has many small villages on their knees, we help to change that through local business and community leaders.

Now it is up to you to go and purchase your 'Travelers Mochila'  or take just a minute to share this opportunity with your circle of influence on social media and/or visit our social media outlets and share from there directly.

Thanks, Trey McAlister

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